Thursday, 26 June 2014

The New Facebook Page Design In 2014 Sucks

What Do You Think Of The New Facebook Page Design Changes (July 2014)?

This screenshot shows what the most recent changes to the set up of a Facebook page looks like. I took this photo as a screenshot to add to my feedback which I sent to Facebook. 

Obviously nobody listens to those feedback complaints, as every time they make changes like these, it annoys millions of people, and does nothing to make the site better in any way at all. 

I can't remember the last time Facebook changed something which actually made the site easier to use, or made for a better user experience. 

The site became so popular so quickly because they already had it right, and every change they've made to Facebook has taken more and more away from the original design which worked so well. 

They seem to do these things every month, simply because they have the budget, and are paying people to do that job. If they didn't get them to do something, they wouldn't be getting their money's worth, but that's true, they aren't getting their money's worth, just ruining their site. 

What Is The Big Deal About The Changes?

By now you're probably saying, what's my problem? It still looks like a functioning Facebook page, but have a close look at the photo. 

The tabs no longer have photos, and any extra custom tabs apart from the likes, photos, timeline and about tabs are gone completely. You have to click on the more button, and then click on the link to the tab. 

Without a photo, and only a tiny amount of characters to explain what the tabs are about, there is practically no chance at all that anyone will click on these pages, which I use to sell my products. 

Most people have these tabs, which you used to be able to set as your default welcome page. You used to have these tabs right up there, as the front page, now you can barely find them with a magnifying glass. 

In fact, the only way you can get traffic to these tabs, which are the money making part of a Facebook page is by running Facebook Ads on them. 

Facebook Is Pushing Everyone Towards Using Facebook Ads

Ah, now you see. They've completely destroyed the ability for a Facebook page to function through any other method apart from Facebook Ads.

This is obviously a not too subtle push to page owners to pay for their fans and traffic, and if they can't afford it, they're screwed. 

If you don't know how to set up a Facebook Ads campaign, get in touch with me, that's one of the things I do. 

I can set up a campaign for thirty dollars, plus the cost of ads, and I can make a custom tab as a landing page for fifty dollars, with anything you want on it. 

Just send me an email at to talk about that, or to get help or hire me to do anything else to do with social media marketing or internet marketing generally.

It still works getting traffic from Facebook in this way, and if you know how to do it properly, it can be a goldmine, but many people are upset with these changes that Facebook has been making. Let me know your thoughts about Facebook below in a comment.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Is It Important For SEO To Have A Blog On Your Site?

Is A Blog Important For The SEO Of A Site?

Guest post by Kaity Nakagoshi
So you’ve invested in the most elite web development team and the best in the biz web design company in order to ensure a domain that dominates. While both of those factors are critical components of any business’s online strategy, they are certainly not all encompassing.

In regards to the wonderful world of online advertising, it does not take long to realize that changes are inevitable, and often times more frequent than we would like.

Just when you think you’ve learned all about links and mastered mobile marketing, something changes. Even those who are considered “SEO experts” are constantly on the prowl for new techniques to boost rankings.

That being said, a well-developed website with stellar design features will not truly “work” for your business without the benefit of a blog. What’s the reason for this? Here’s a hint – It has to do with Google’s favorite C-word – CONTENT!

Search engine optimization is all about content, content, content these days. The driving force behind this content-focused concept is an overall better user experience. Basically, if you want your brand to hold any virtual value at all, you need to produce content that accomplishes all of the following:

  • Relevancy

  • Consistency

  • Regularity

  • Quality

  • Readability

Keep in mind, creating such content for off site link building purposes is still important. However, the content that is published externally should compliment the content that is added to your website via active blog posts.

It’s like a yin and yang relationship. In order for your website to work, one cannot exist without the other.

When broken down, an internal blog on a business website offers the following benefits:

  • Creates a searchable, permanent archive of information

  • Promotes a community environment that encourages open discussion and feedback

  • Makes your company seem more “real” and personable Provides an avenue for “bragging” about employee accomplishments and company achievements

  • Offers an opportune stage for making accouncements and sharing news

  • Establishes credibility and authority based on your niche and topics of interest

  • Attracts traffic thanks to conversational titles and highly searched topics

  • Serves as a free public relations tool

  • Shows search engines that your site is active

  • Works cohesively with your social media strategy

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects of an internal blog that make it worthwhile, your onsite blog posting efforts will have a positive effect on your off site guest posting efforts. Link building has become more difficult over the years, and it certainly is not going to get any easier in the future.

On the plus side, your guest post articles can provide backlinks to related blog posts on your website that offer user-friendly information. Search engines like to see that kind of “perfect match” because ultimately, the less commercial and “salesy” your SEO strategy is, the more successful it will be.

In order to solidify a powerful online presence, you must promote your brand with discreet delivery and social swagger.

About The Author

This guest post was written by Kaity Nakagoshi, the Online Community Director for a traditional and online advertising agency in Tampa, Florida. Kaity graduated from the University of South Florida with degrees in Management and Political Science, but somehow ended up in the online marketing field instead. She enjoys writing, golf, hot yoga, and candy.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Avoiding the Three Sins That Could Drag You to Marketing Hell

There's a thin line between success and failure in business, and more often than not, entrepreneurs don't realise they've already crossed that line until it's too late. They exhaust all their efforts, try everything they can and find every possible way to succeed, only to end up in failure because of just one fatal mistake.

Case in point: mistakes are detrimental to your business. This is especially true with marketing where you're putting your name on the line to entice consumers to patronise your products and your brand. And in a time when the economy is bad and consumers have grown to be more discerning, you can't afford to commit even one of these three deadly sins that could easily drag you to marketing hell:
  1. Lack of Research
No matter how expensive your marketing campaign is, if it's not targeted towards the right customers, everything will only be put to waste. Whether you're using traditional or digital methods, it's very important to start by doing market research, which will enable you to determine your target market, know them better and find out what interests them the most. This way, you can come up with a marketing strategy that would really suit their needs and preferences.

  1. Lack of Communication
Marketing is more than just trying to advertise or sell. Rather, it's also about building good relationships with your consumers and letting them know that you're there to provide their needs and not just gain money from them. These days, a lot of consumers are already going to social media to give feedback, provide criticisms and ask questions about products or services.

This makes social media marketing very influential. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have millions of followers, making them great media to market your products and yes, interact with your consumers in a less formal manner. This gives you the opportunity to get valuable feedback, which you could use to improve your company. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to gauge the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.
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  1. Lack of Innovation
If you try to look at some of the most successful marketing campaigns last year, you'll notice that most of them have steered away from the usual advertisement plot and explored new horizons instead. Take for example the Coca-Cola Small World Machines campaign, which has gone viral around the world because of how it enabled rival nations India and Pakistan to connect with each other real time.

Another fantastic example is the ad campaign of Intel and Toshiba named "The Beauty Inside", which helps show inner beauty while promoting the power of Intel, which is inside the Toshiba laptop. These advertisements are proof that if you learn how to innovate, you can create something that will not only bring you more sales but also touch other people's lives.

You don't actually need to come up with a campaign as huge as these examples. Something as simple as choosing the right web design in Perth or even giving your loyal customers a small treat can already do a lot for your brand.

No one will ever tell you that success in marketing or in business is easy, especially with the market situation today. But if you know what and what not to do, you'll definitely have a higher chance of achieving your goals, whether it's to increase your sales or build more exposure for your brand. You just have to believe that you can do it and you'll find many ways to make things happen for your business.

Author Bio:

Specialising in web marketing solutions, Web Wizards has an experienced team that consists of a web designer from Perth and other professionals that provide high quality services such as SEO, web design and development, social media, and logos and branding.