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Tips On Making A Successful Blog

How To Make A Successful Blog

So I've been writing online for about four years now, and I came to the blogging side of it a bit late in the game. 

Before that I was writing on article writing sites like Hub Pages, Info Barrel, Knoji, Yahoo Voices, etc, and I still write all over the place. 

The first thing to understand about setting up a blog, is that you have to do it right, or it's not going to be worth doing. 

You should choose a topic that you're going to write about, at least in a broad sense, like this blog is about social media marketing, internet marketing, traffic building, blogging, and all of those sort of things which Google kind of associates with each other. 

I prefer using Wordpress to make a blog, but not, you have to get a hosting account like Host Gator is the one I use, and they have a good support team that can help you set the name servers and add Wordpress to your domain through the FTP on the cpanel of their site. 

I also bought my domain name through them, and the hassle of buying a domain name through Go Daddy is just too much to bother doing it through them to save five dollars a year. 

Talking of domain names, you will want to buy something that is an exact match to the title of your blog. I chose free social media marketing tips simply because it was available, as it only has a very small exact match monthly search volume on the Google Adwords keyword tool, but I know that it's something that I should be able to rank for. 

With this particular blog, for some reason I couldn't buy the domain name through Blogger like I did on my previous blog, and I had to buy a domain name through Go Daddy. 

It was quite a bit of work to find out that I had to add the cnames to the DNS records or whatever, and I'm quite surprised that I was able to do it at all, but I now have a domain name for this blog, and that's something you're going to have to do, if you want to get better rankings on Google. 

As I said before, a proper hosted Wordpress blog has many advantages over Blogger, and you might want to take a look at this article to get a bit more of an idea on how to make a Wordpress website.

SEO And Social Media Marketing Tips For Bloggers

I've learned a lot about SEO over the past few years, but what I've mainly learned is that if you want to rank for a big keyword, you have to do a ton of work, or pay a minimum of two hundred a month to an SEO company. 

What I've learned works for me is social media, and it not just helps to get traffic, but also for slightly increased rankings. This article is about social media for SEO, and how to get rankings and traffic simply by constantly adding to your friends and followers.

I offer a lot of social media marketing tips, not just on my site, but on tons of articles and blog posts all over the place, and I don't apologize for linking to myself, because these are all high quality pages, that explain what I've learned quite well, and I would consider myself an expert after working at it for hours every day for four years.

I'm specifically not linking to my main site Professional Social Promotion from this post, as I don't think Google would like it if I linked to the same site from every blog post I did, but from what I've learned about SEO, the way that big sites are ranking is to set up multiple domains linking to themselves, and that's why I bothered to pay to get a unique domain for this blog. 

I don't want you to think that that is the only reason why I'm writing this, I also want to make money from the Google Adsense ads on the page, and I want to share what I've actually learned about making money through blogging and making websites online. 

You see the problem is, as soon as you start talking about the things that you do that make money, it's a fine line between that, and being overly commercial, and mentioning the products that you sell, which is somewhat against the terms of service of many different writing sites. 

It's not a bad idea to try to put affiliate links in your blog, but I personally gave up on Amazon and Clickbank years ago. 

What I do now is sell my own services doing whatever, for about ten dollars an hour. I might be clicking a button here, making a video there, writing an article for someone over here, sharing a site with all my social connections there, as well as writing my own blog posts and trying to get views. 

You have to have a good plan, and if you don't, then it's all a bit of a waste of time, unless you like doing it. 

A friend of mine tried going at internet marketing from a purely money making point of view, and he got the email list of 1,000 subscribers, and was starting to make some good money, but he found it so utterly boring that he had to give up. 

I'm not about to start promoting affiliate offers to my list, in fact I don't even have a list, just a list of social connections. 

My main advice for anyone starting a blog, is take the time to learn how to do it properly, have a plan for SEO and monetization, and write about things you have a passion for, so you don't give up. 

That's how to make a successful blog, and if you want to get some personal advice from me, you can get in contact with me via my site, which you get directed to when you click on the photo in the sidebar.

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