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Social Media Page Ranking Factors

How To Rank Social Media Pages On Google

This post is about the specific factors that Google looks at when deciding on how to rank the pages on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and You Tube. 

The video above is on the factors specific to You Tube videos, which are a very complicated thing in themselves, probably the most complicated out of all the social media sites. 

So, I'll begin there, when trying to explain the whole thing about SEO for social media pages.

You Tube videos are mostly shown on a Google search because they think that people like to see video results for lots of different things, and they own You Tube. 

Some searches don't really apply, although it's not clear how they decide which searches they think that people want to see videos for. 

The title and description and tags are the first way that Google determines the relevance of your video, and the only other way they can tell it is good is by the engagement stats. 

By that, I mean the bounce rate of the video, the amount of social shares, comments, subscribers, the popularity and page rank of the channel, the amount and quality of back links leading to it, the amount of views, but most importantly, the amount of interested viewers. 

Bounce rate and engagement is so much more of an important factor on You Tube, because it's the only metrics they can really trust, as Google don't really have the technology to be able to look into the video themselves, via the crawling spiders. 

That doesn't mean insects, I mean the robots that travel through the wires, indexing and determining the quality and relevance of pages. 

Without putting too fine a point on it, if you haven't got the talent to make a good video, then hire someone who can, and aim at a popular search, with the hope that you will get there, not the expectation. 

I can help you make a really good cheap video if you want, for as low as ten dollars. Just click on the photo in the sidebar, or send me an email at if you want to talk to me about that. 

SEO For A Facebook Page

Facebook is pretty much the same as any other website, except it's not, because it's a PR 9 site, one of the biggest online. 

If you can convince Google, (and Facebook), that your page is one of the most important pages on the site, then they will rank it, simple as that. 

It's important to get back links and publish high quality relevant content on the page on a regular basis, but another really important thing is the cross linking. 

You have to make other relevant pages, and keep them up to date as well, get a ton of random likes, so that your pages look popular, and try to get a few likes on the posts and photos on the wall as well. 

If you look like a popular page by having lots of likes, lots of activity, lots of back links and cross links, then you will do well on Google. 

My main Facebook page is outranking the home page of my site for the same keyword phrase. I'm not going to link to it, but you can check it out on, as I link to it from the bottom of the PR 3 home page, and that really helps the ranking. 

Some would say that you don't really want your Facebook page outranking your site, but then again, it's an easy way to pick up leads, if you can just get them to click the like button. 

I have to go through some of the people who like my page, and see if I can get in contact with them directly. 

SEO For Google Plus Pages

SEO is synonymous with Google, and Google Plus is the main social media site for the biggest search engine online. 

As far as I can tell, Google Local reviews are doing well on Google, and it's all kind of connected together with the Google Plus account, and some of the Google Plus pages aren't doing too badly, but it's not something I've spent a lot of time looking into. 

My guess would be that they probably don't want to give themselves too much of a head start over the competition just yet, for fear of being labeled a bit too self-promotional, but it is going to happen sooner or later. 

Google Plus is still a new site, but it is the fastest growing site in the world, and I don't see that as being likely to change, at least until all the bloggers and internet marketers join up. 

Regular people will come to the site a bit more slowly, but due to how many millions of people are already there, and due to the connection with the search, and all the Google Plus buttons that are popping up all over the place, it's bound to be a big site, and they will rank their own business pages fairly well, especially if there are a lot of social signals for that page. 

By that I mean a lot of followers, a lot of plus ones, and general engagement signals that look good, as well as the regular sort of back link signals. 

I always get the feeling that Google doesn't like to see a lot of back links, especially to pages made on sites that they own. 

I made a Google Plus business page, but I much prefer using my public profile to get traffic, and I'm not really that concerned about the ranking of my pages on that site. At least not yet. 

I'd prefer to rank a You Tube video on Google, or a Facebook page, and the only thing that Google Plus is better than in terms of getting a page to show up on Google is a Twitter profile. 


SEO For Twitter Profiles

This is kind of fairly far from what I think about when I think about SEO, but Twitter profiles do have just as much potential to rank on Google as any of the other social sites, so long as all the signals are there. 

When you do a Google search on Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, or God, you get their Twitter profiles, (with God obviously being an imposter). 

The reason is as simple as you could get, there are a lot of back links leading to those pages, and they have a ton of followers, and that means the page ranks on Google. 

I usually just try to get a ton of followers to my Twitter profiles so I can tweet to them to get traffic, but it does have the potential for SEO as well, if you know what you're doing. 

If you would like some help with getting tens of thousands of real Twitter followers, again get in contact through clicking on the photo in the sidebar. 

That's about all for this installment of the ranking factors involved in social media pages. Stay tuned for more great information about social media marketing.

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