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How To Use Social Media Pages For SEO



 Social Media Page SEO

There are two ways (or more) that you can look at the connection between social media and SEO. First, you can get better rankings for your website by making links and getting shares on social media sites.

Secondly, you can rank your social media pages on Google, by choosing keyword phrase titles, and building links to them from your site, and other sites.

Which is better, or do you have to do both things to compete for your keywords effectively? The answer is probably that you have to do both, as it's a lot easier to rank a social media page on Google, due to the huge authority of sites like Facebook, but there's other benefits to having your own site do well.

For example, I'm trying to rank this blog higher on Google, because you can't write multiple blog posts on your Facebook page, you can only link to them by posting.

However, the reason why I'm writing this blog post is to make links to my social media pages, which are ranking higher than ever on Google.

I'm trying to rank one of my Facebook pages for the keyword phrase: "social media marketing services".

It's been going up and down, but it's somewhere on the third, fourth, or fifth page of that search, and I can explain what I did to get it there, if you're interested.

How To Do SEO For Social Media Page

The page I'm talking about actually has the title of Affordable Social Media Marketing Services, and it is ranking first on the first page of Google for that search, if you're looking for it. 

I made a link to that page from the home page of my main site, Professional Social Promotion. The page also links back to my site as well, but seeing as links from Facebook are no follow, the link from my site to the page has a lot more SEO benefit. 

I also made links from this blog, from another blog hosted on, from another Wordpress site hosted on Go Daddy, and from a number of different articles. 

I wrote articles on Ezine, and other high authority article writing sites, and then I made links from articles to other articles that linked to the page. 

I made a lot of back links to the home page of my site, and did other things to build the page rank of the pages I had linking to the Facebook page, to form a solid link pyramid, like using social bookmarking sites like Linked In. 

The back links were built in the usual way, but what's more important is how I built internal links within Facebook to my page. 

For example, I made a link above to a new Facebook page I just made called Social Media SEO. I made that one, and a bunch of other related pages so I could link them to each other, by liking one while using Facebook as the other page.

This isn't the only way I built internal links inside Facebook, I also got random likes through social swapping sites, and targeted likes through Facebook Ads. 

I sometimes comment on other related pages to do with social media marketing and internet marketing, while using Facebook as my page, or by using the @ symbol to leave a link to my page in the text of my comment. 

I could go on, but that pretty much explains how I do SEO for my social media pages, at least on Facebook. It takes a lot of work, and persistence, and if you need some help with doing that, I provide all the things I've mentioned here as a service on my site. 

Send me a message at to talk about how I can help you get a solid social media marketing campaign happening, however you want to do it, or visit the links on this page.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Learn About SEO - Ways To Rank On Google

Learn To Do SEO The Right Way

This post is about how to use good SEO techniques to get your pages, posts, videos and social media pages on the first page of a Google search.

SEO is always changing, but these are the things that I do, which seem to work pretty well most of the time. If you want one on-one coaching and help with the work involved in doing all this, get in touch with me, my email is at the bottom.


The first thing you will want is a title that has low competition, and a high search volume, meaning that it will be easy for you to get on the first page of a Google search that a lot of people around the world will be typing into Google.

You can do some keyword research by typing in your title into Google in quotation marks, to get the exact match results of how many pages online mention that phrase, and then take a look at the search volume results for that title in the Google Keyword Planner.

If you have less than 10,000 exact matches for the keyword phrase on Google, and more than 1000 exact match searches done monthly worldwide on the title, then you have a good chance of getting a lot of traffic to the page if you do the right things.

You might prefer to go for a search that had ten times as much search volume and competition, but it will take longer and be harder or more expensive to rank for it.  One word keyword phrases are incredibly hard to rank for, I wouldn't personally bother trying doing that, then two word phrases are easier usually, depending on the niche.

Keyword Content 

The next thing you have to do is write the text for your page, including your main keywords in your title as no more than 2-3% of the text. You probably want to mention them in the first and last paragraphs, but making sure not to have too many keywords in your article, and writing for readers, not the search engines.

It has to be natural, or look naturally written, and from what I can tell, you need close to 1,000 words of quality text on a page to even have a chance of ranking highly without tons of back links. It really helps to spend a lot of time making the content good and always at least 80-100% original, or not published anywhere else.

The other parts of on-page SEO are adding some subheadings, some photos, and outgoing links to unaffiliated, related authority sites. You want good internal linking in your site, like if you're using Wordpress, try installing a plugin called Related Posts, or on Blogger they have a similar thing.

If you believe what HubPages uses to calculate their author score, you need multiple photos, about 1,000 words of text or more, multiple sub-headings, videos, tables, polls, bullet point lists, etc.

You have to show the things that the Google spiders are looking for to determine that you've spent a long time constructing your page, and that it has a lot of information, and is worth reading.

Back Links

I'm still working this out myself since the changes of Panda and Penguin and Penguin 2.0 and 2.1. They have a new update called Hummingbird, and there is even confusion as to which update is called what.

Google want to keep website owners in the dark, because they don't like it when people try to scam the system by buying links, building low quality links, or using some sort of black hat or devious method of pushing their competitors out of the search.

The problem with the way it is now, is that you can get punished really badly for having low quality links pointing to your site, and so that means anyone else can build those same links to your site instead, and do reverse SEO on you.

This will almost surely become the next wave of spam, unless Google decides to only count links from certain sites one way or another.

This is what I predict the future of SEO will be, and it will become harder and harder to rank a site on Google just using back links.

Social Media SEO

The thing that is already working really well is using the power of authority sites to rank for a phrase, and then providing a link to your site, or making the sale right there. Social media pages can rank for phrases ten times easier than a new domain.

For example, you can use all of these techniques to choose a title for your Facebook page, make a custom tab to either redirect them to your site, or you can make a tab that has any sort of HTML code you want.

You can add Pay Pal buttons, video embed codes, subscription forms, you can have your whole website on your Facebook page and there is endless potential to rank if you know how to get social signals and good internal linking within the site, as well as quality back links.

Google Plus has taken over local business searches, for example if you search for a job title like plumber or electrician, you almost always get a list of local Google Plus business pages.

You Tube is more popular than ever before, and is also owned by Google, so you will always find a You Tube video at the top of a search for a popular song, and if a celebrity has a You Tube channel, that will likely be close to the top of a search on their name.

Twitter profiles can rank in the same way, the followers you have are do follow links within the site, and it's a huge site, still growing in size every day.

Need Help?

It's easy enough to say all these things, but doing them is another thing, as it takes years to figure out what all that stuff actually means, and the best way to go about it.

There is a steep learning curve and without being able to ask someone for advice, or to outsource jobs to that need doing professionally, it will take you so much longer to start making decent money online.

I have over five years of experience in internet marketing, (this is just one of my many different sites), and I know I can help you with anything you're doing online through advice, web design, SEO, social media marketing services, writing, management of an ad campaign, whatever you need doing.

Send me an email at and tell me about your business, your goals, what you've done so far, and provide links so I can give you the best advice, and recommend a plan of action.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Different Ways To Make A Custom Facebook Tab Or Welcome Page


How To Make A Basic Facebook Welcome Page

This article below was originally published on HubPages, but due to the new rules, it was no longer accepted, so I'm publishing it here. I design Facebook pages for people, and I'm really good at it.

I do a great working page that attracts targeted traffic and turns them into customers with fan gates so that people have to like or share your page to get a discount coupon, video, Pay Pal buttons, redirect tabs, contact forms, or whatever you need.

Quality cover photos, top of the line Facebook marketing advice, likes, Facebook Ads management, whatever you need. I can do a basic page for as low as fifty dollars. 

The information here may not be up to date, but you can get in contact with me through the site linked to in the photo at the top of the sidebar, or by sending me an email at

Here are some different ways to make a Facebook welcome page. It's not that hard to do, but it's better if you have some understanding of how to write HTML, or source code. I'll start with the really easy options, like making a "free" welcome page on an online page building tool.

There are some good ones like Pagemodo, Wix, or Reverb Nation for music, but the problem with them is, you have very limited options unless you upgrade to the premium plan. This costs a lot of money per month to remove ads, to have the ability to make more than one page, and to get some of the premium templates that include video and HTML.

It's a lot better to design your own page, and put it on a tab using HTML. It's not all that hard to do this if you understand how to write some simple source code. For example, you can put a You Tube video on your page by getting the embed code, and putting it on a simple app like Static HTML: iFrame Tabs.

 This allows you to write out whatever HTML elements you want on the page, and then it appears for everyone to see. If you want to put a photo on your page, you can make one in Photoshop, upload it to your server, and then get the photo URL. You have to use a special code to put the photo on your welcome page, which starts with<img src="yourphotourl">.

I'm not going to go into complicated HTML code language. I offer the service of putting together a Facebook welcome page, so I can do it all for you for as little as fifty dollars. You can go even further, and create multiple custom tabs, using the Developers section of Facebook to create apps.

This requires uploading the HTML file to your server, and making a public web page that has a URL. You can then give this as the canvas URL for your app, but you have to have an SSL certificate on your server, so you can provide them with a safe https address as well as the normal one. It's hard enough just to work that out, but then you need to know how to find the add to page dialogue, so you can add the app to your page.

There's a lot to making a good Facebook welcome page. You can even have a mini-site on Facebook where people can navigate through different pages without leaving the iFrame. If you would like to find out more about my services for designing a Facebook welcome page, send me a message at

Saturday, 3 August 2013

How To Get Traffic To Your Social Media Pages

 Get Traffic To Your Social Media Pages

Many people come to me with a Facebook page for their business, and they don't have a clue how to get visitors to it, or what they're supposed to do at all. 

Often people aren't even aware that Facebook Ads is the way that Facebook suggest you get traffic and likes, or they've tried it and found it prohibitively expensive. 

Still, if you know what you're doing, it can be a good idea to run a Facebook Ads campaign, even if it doesn't make a profit at first. 

The reason is, you pick up targeted likes, fans which can be engaged over and over again from these people's news feeds, so long as you post engaging, entertaining content. 

There isn't much point if you don't have anything interesting to say, but there is another reason why you should want to get tons of likes. 

Likes are social signals, the number one factor that Google looks at to determine which Facebook pages are the most important, and which have celebrity status

Every major public figure or public company has a page, and Google has determined that the public wants to be able to find them easily, so they can follow their favorite TV show or rock star and even have a conversation with them. 

You can send a message to almost anyone, or tweet to someone, even if you've never met them before in your life, and they live on the other side of the world. 

Sometimes people abuse this power and use if for evil instead of good. For example, some reality TV stars have had to take down their public Facebook and Twitter accounts due to receiving hundreds of thousands of hate letters electronically. 

Small Business Owners On Facebook

If you own a small business, one that doesn't have a title that people are searching for, you might be better off not to give your page the title of your business, but instead to do some keyword research and find a title that has a good amount of exact match search volume on the Google keyword tool. 

As I explain in this guest post on how to get traffic to your Facebook page, for me, the first step is finding a phrase you can compete for, and ranking your page first on the first page of the results. 

It's not at all easy, but you might find that all it takes is to make a high quality page, get lots of likes for it, and then make a few links from authority sites like Ezine and HubPages. 

Getting the likes at a decent price is the hard bit, and you may need my help to do that. I can get you cheap random likes from real people from a large popular social swapping site for about five cents each, as well as anything else like that. Twitter followers, You Tube views, Google Plus followers, etc. 

I can also manage a Facebook Ads campaign for you if you have a larger budget and want to get the best value for money for targeted likes. 

By choosing the right title for your page, running a campaign for random or targeted likes, building a few quality links and updating the page every day with relevant, engaging content, you may discover that Facebook is the number one source of traffic to your site. 

I also get a lot of visitors from tweeting, as internet marketing related posts are perfectly targeted to the random followers I get from around the world. 

I have about thirty thousand followers on my largest Twitter account, and I have more than one. When I tweet a message with a link, it always gets a couple of clicks, so long as the subject matter is of interest to the general public. 

So, if you need likes, followers, views, shares, help with making content, SEO advice, internet marketing coaching etc, I have five years of experience to share, and I'm sure I can help you with whatever you're doing. 

Send me a message at or click on the photo link at the top of the sidebar, which will take you to my site, where you can read a lot more helpful articles before getting in touch.

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Traffic Building For Beginner Bloggers

So, you're a beginner blogger, and you you want to learn some traffic building methods to get visitors to your posts. I assume that you are, or else, why would you be reading this? You probably found this post in a Google search, or if not there, you might have found it in a search on the site, or through another large site such as Facebook or Twitter.

There are many more ways than that, but let's first start out with the most important sites that get the most traffic according to Alexa traffic statistics. Some of the most visited sites in the world in no particular order are Facebook, Google, You Tube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Blogger, Yahoo, Bing, and the fastest growing site in the world currently is Google Plus.

 It aims to be a cross between Facebook and Twitter, with more functionality than either, and because Google owns it, many people are expecting it to have as much importance for rankings and traffic as any of the other large sites.

It succeeds in some ways, and fails in others, but I'm sure it will will be right up there at the top of the list in terms of importance of the top ten most visited sites list eventually, You have other new sites like Pinterest, Instagram and old favourite social bookmarking/social networking sites like Linked In, Stumble Upon and Yahoo Answers.

 I have at times gotten large amounts of traffic by sending messages, or posting messages naturally, but be sure to keep an eye on the terms and conditions of the sites as you don't want to spam links to your site on social media sites, or anywhere for that matter. Google is cracking down on spam, and the social media sites themselves are becoming more vigilant to try to protect their users from an endless barrage of nonsensical messages and badly written blurbs designed to push a link message down the throats of anyone who will listen.

 How To Drive Traffic On Social Media Without Spamming 

The best way I have found to get traffic from social media is to produce quality content, keeping the SEO and keywords of the pages in mind. For example, if you're going to make a Facebook page, I would suggest that you do careful keyword research, and come up with a title for your page that has a decent amount of exact match search volume on the Google keyword tool.

If you only give your page the title of your company brand name, or your own name, that means it will only attract new customers if you are famous enough to have people searching for you by name.

Most people are not anywhere near famous enough to have their name have a exact match search volume of thousands a month, so you have to look for something that has those figures, and that also has low competition on Google. To find out if a phrase has competition, try typing it into Google, and check the page rank of all of the first page results using an SEO browser plugin like the free add-ons from SEO Quake, SEO Book, and SEO Powersuite.

These are great tools that do a lot more than just give you the page rank of pages in a Google search, but they are especially good for that. I also use the SEO Spyglass tool in SEO Powersuite to take a look at exactly what back links are leading to my competing sites, so that I can perhaps imitate those links, or to get an idea of what sort of links are still working.

It is not exactly clear what Google is looking for, and how they determine quality, but a lot of it has to do with the original quality writing on a page, and how many words there are.

 Building a Link Pyramid 

It's not hard to understand the concept of a link pyramid, but then some people I have trouble explaining what a back link is at all. To build a great link pyramid, and example would be to write a high quality article on Ezine articles, or HubPages that links to your site, and also to other high authority relevant source sites in the text.

Then, you write high quality articles on sites like InfoBarrel, Go Articles, Triond, Squidoo, Typepad, Blogger,, Knoji, Yahoo Contributor Network, etc, which also link out to authority source sites in the text, and which include photos with attribution and a link to the original photo on the source site, if they are not original photos you took yourself.

I generally take my own photos, (using screenshot software), as I am allowed to take a photo of my computer screen, and alter it somewhat, and then it becomes my photo.

You can build it down to to third level, or even the fourth, with a link that leads to a link which leads to a link which links to your site. If you get a realistic looking "expert" page or many of them linking to your site, your site gains authority, and this is more important than the page rank that gets passed along.

Page rank doesn't really mean anything much at all, and hasn't for a long time, but it does mean that there are multiple back links leading to the page, and unless some of those links are damaging spam links, it may be hard to beat a site that has a huge page rank of three or four or higher.

At one point one of my sites got up to a PR 4 level, for a little while, but the most success I've had at gaining a high page rank page was a PR 6 for one of my Facebook pages. It's unbelievable, considering it doesn't really have all that much on it.


Anyway, that's some tips on how to build traffic if you are a beginner blogger, or even an experienced blogger. It takes many years to learn, but if you have a passion for what you are writing about, and have the time to learn the technical ropes properly, it can pay off in spades, both financially and in a sense of achievement at gaining millions or readers worldwide.

If you have any questions about anything in this post, or you need help with doing any of the work involved in all of this, or some coaching or advice, send me an email at

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Allowing Guest Posts On Your Site - Should You Publish Guest Posts?

Should You Publish Guest Posts On Your Site?

I've only just recently gotten into publishing guest posts on my sites in a major way, and I have to say it was an eye opener. 

At least ninety percent of the guest posts that were submitted to me were complete garbage. Sometimes they were not even relevant to the topic of my sites, sometimes they didn't even know who I was, and got my site wrong. 

Generally speaking, the vast majority were from SEO companies, mostly from India or other countries that don't speak or write very good English, and I soon figured out that many of these SEOs don't even know anything about SEO. 

They are following well out of date linking practices from years ago, such as publishing any old garbage wherever they can, then building tons of spam links to it using software. 

They build links to try to boost the page rank of the post, from places like blog comments, forum signatures, profile links, horrible newly created directory type sites that do nothing but destroy the rankings of any site they link to. 

Its hard to believe that people who claim to be experts in a field can be so out of touch with what's going on, and it's gotten so bad, I'm wondering if I should allow guest posts on my site at all. 

What Is Going On In SEO These Days?

If you haven't heard, (and you must have been living under a rock if you haven't heard by now), the latest algorithm updates on Google which are at this stage Penguin and Panda have dramatically changed the SEO landscape. 

They punish spam, punish low quality links, low quality content, and generally seek to rid the internet of garbage, which is something that's been a long time coming. 

Ironically, many good sites have been punished as well, because they existed back in the day when the only way to get good rankings was to build thousands of spam links to your site. 

This is unfortunate, but it is the only way for sites to get good rankings without having to continually worry about building back links. 

What is even more unfortunate, is that some evil search engine optimization people are taking advantage of the reverse SEO aspect of the new algorithms. 

It is possible to achieve good rankings for your site simply by building low quality links to your competitors. 

Of course if they know what they're doing, they can do the same thing back to you, and it just becomes a dreadful war of spam, creating even more garbage than before. 

In the past, it was never possible to destroy the rankings of your competitors through hurling links at them, but now it is. 

It's one of those things, Google can't win, no matter what they do. No matter which way they angle their algorithms, it seems that the internet will continue to be filled up with billions of trashy sites made for no other purpose but building a link. 

This article is itself made mostly for the purpose of building a link, I won't deny that, but it's also made to gain customers. 

I'm an internet marketing expert with over five years experience, I mostly deal with social media marketing, things such as likes and followers, but I can also give SEO advice, web design advice, and general coaching on every aspect of an online marketing campaign. 

If you wish to contact me to talk about that, my email address is or you can also click on the photo at the top of the sidebar, or you might find a link to one of my sites in this post, although it's full of authority source links to sites which aren't mine as well. 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Rude SEO People

Rude SEOs

This post is just me venting my feelings about certain people who come to me asking me to do things for them. Specifically, it's about me agreeing to publish a crappy guest post for an Indian SEO company. 

I didn't really like it that much, but I thought it would be good for some content on this site, so I published it here, and not on my main site, because I didn't think it was good enough for my main site, and there's also nothing wrong with this blog either. 

She immediately told me that it wasn't good enough, and I had to delete it right away, because they only wanted guest posts from sites that had at least a page rank of 2, and a domain authority of over 25. 

That's not all that easy to achieve by the way, a site with those stats. I've been working on this blog for about a year now, updating it fairly regularly, and making back links here and there, and it's not past a PR 0 yet. 

Most of my sites and blogs that I build take a lot of work to build a high page rank, and page rank isn't really an important factor in ranking anyway, it just shows that you've made a lot of back links to it, not how good those links are. 

So I said to her, I spent an hour of my time doing you a favor, and I didn't even get anything out of it in return, just a spam guest post on my site that I'm ashamed of. 

Why can't you give me something for my time, if you expect me to build links to your site? I was hoping that she might agree that my time was worth something, and give me something in exchange for me doing this work for her. 

Why I'm Fed Up With SEOs

As I explained in a previous post, allowing guest posts on my site has not been beneficial for me at all, it has actually hurt my rankings fairly badly. 

The reason is, some really dodgy SEO people have not changed their linking practices in years, even though it very obviously doesn't work anymore. 

They continue to use spam software and build links from stupid places that just cause your rankings to fall sharply. It's like they don't have a brain, or can't understand English or something. 

So they build links to my site because I've allowed them to publish a guest post on my site, to build a link pyramid, but what they're actually doing is permanently damaging my site, and theirs. 

Then I get these rude SEOs expecting me to give up my time for them, and publish their spam crap on my site and then they're not happy with me publishing it, and want it back, when I've spent an hour of my time doing them a favor. 

It boils my bones, that's all I'm saying. I'm pretty much done with the whole guest post idea. If someone has a really high quality guest post to publish, and will agree not to build links to it, (except maybe quality links from sites I specify), then I might consider it, maybe. 

Generally speaking, having anything to do with those horrible SEOs from India who send spam emails out to everyone is the biggest mistake you can ever make. 

Sure Google may not recognize straight away that the post is just rubbish, but they will when they see the bounce rate. 

It's not worth having rubbish on your site, and I implore everyone to be very wary of SEOs who do nothing but fill the internet up with junk. 

I think I said everything I wanted to say there. Oh yeah, do you like the cover photo I made for someone's Facebook page? That's the photo at the top there. By the way, I do almost anything and everything, especially to do with social media pages

You can get in contact with me through the photo link at the top of the sidebar, which leads to my main site. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Utilizing Social Media

Utilizing Social Media and its Features 
Guest post by Alex Smith
Business leaders must transform their organizations to be extraordinary adaptable to change according to the changing business marketing scenario. Today, marketing is taking new shape and continuously changing at much faster rate, enabling business marketers to focus on innovative methods.

One of the top and efficient ways of marketing is social media marketing. It is consistently increasing the efficiency of the marketing campaigns and placing organizations in the middle of competition. It is characterized by incredible features and techniques that are useful to make brand journey matchless.

If your organization is focusing on innovative improvement, then you must follow social media marketing techniques. Most business marketing leaders know the exact methodology to harness the capabilities of social channels. They make best use of high performing techniques to dominate the marketing ecosystem.

Organizations that want to safely and securely convert their messages to the widest audience often cling to the greatest social media platforms. However, there are few vital aspects that you need to consider while running your campaigns; these are as follows:

Complete Your Profile – It is very important to complete your social media profile. You need to provide full detail of your company along with its history, objectives, website links, logos, images, mission, product range, and much more.

It is useful to gain confidence and engage users. You are required to fill worthy information up to date. If you have sister companies or even venture, then also you must explain them in your profile section. It is the best way to show your presence in the market. If you want, you can talk about your clients in this section.

Update Your Profile – Oftentimes, business owners forget about the profile section after filling it out. You need to update it from time to time and change it accordingly to convey your innovative ideas.

Manage Your Relationships – The prime motto of social profiles is to build healthy relationship with the customers. You need to initiate talks and immediately respond to the queries of your customers. This will encourage them to talk to you and clarify their doubts.

Your proper response can gain the trust and confidence your customers. You can also engage them through offers and pleasing discounts. It is the brand-whitening way of social media marketing.

Serve Your Customers – You need to serve what your customers’ want, rather than what you have! This is the biggest mistake entrepreneur make. Entrepreneurs bombard their products without identifying its need in the market.

You must determine your products’ need and then serve it to your customers. For extra advantage, you need to make intelligent use of the available features. Nevertheless, these features will help you to stay ahead of your customers to illuminate your brand. In this way, you can ultimately make conversions and generate leads.

About The Author:- Alex Smith is a ghost writer, contributing in search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media marketing techniques, article writing and publishing, online reputation management etc, to help clients getting high rank and generate only targeted traffic from genuine sources.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Twitter Features And Functions

Guest post by Emma Morgain

‘To simply bring people closer to their interests’, the core value of Twitter goes like this.

Twitter, a social media network that lets you share short messages called ‘tweets’. The medium displays users’ tweets to only his/ her followers. Twitter is another milestone in the social networking domain and is still evolving with various options for its users.

So what’s in Twitter?

The network works like this- you create a profile and choose whom you would want to follow. All the tweets of people you follow appear as a shuffled list on your main Twitter page. Unless you set the changes, your profile is visible to public by default.

What makes Twitter unique is its verified celebrities’ accounts feature. In order to ensure that users are following the authentic Twitter accounts of famous personalities, it launched a verification procedure. It’s mostly the celebrities that get Twitter likes in large numbers and hence the verification system.

Just like Twitter’s trademark bird logo, some of signs associated with Twitter and commonly used in tweets include- # symbol which is used before the tweets meaning that the conversation is about a particular theme; @ symbol is used usually for replying to a tweet and is followed by the username. There’s a ‘retweet’ option which is quite popular among businesses especially when new a product is announced.

Twitter also lets its users tweet via external applications through smartphones, tablets etc. Several smartphones and OS- Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Nokia support Twitter. Taking it a next level, Twitter allows users to tweet from the phone via SMS and MMS.

Its huge popularity and reach led Twitter attain over 200 million active users. Twitter is now one of the most visited websites globally. When it comes to users by age group, the network is largely used by adults than teens, according to a statistics. However, Twitter is appealing to worldwide users and is increasingly gaining popularity in all segments.

Businesses have found Twitter to be an effective means of communication with their customers. The network connects businesses with their customers anytime, anywhere. The real-time information about products/ services allows more customer engagement besides indicating market insights and customer feedback.

Advertising On Twitter

That’s not the end, Twitter has more to offer for businesses- brand marketing in the form of ‘promoted tweets’, which is a paid advertisement, CRM, sales etc.

A world-renowned automobile firm boosted its upcoming sports car through ‘Promoted Tweets’ and ‘Promoted Trends’. As a result, the company reached a whopping 87% engagement rate, 594% up in daily followers and 300% increase in positive brand sentiment.

Twitter has extraordinary reach and marketing here is much easier even if you’re a small business. Twitter supports businesses regardless of its size. For small businesses, it has an exclusive guide that offers a range of strategies, tips and tricks to fetch what the business aims for.

It all starts from the basics and then moves on to building and engaging your followers. Along with its tools for successful marketing, Twitter also extends its offering to a next level- Twitter Ads.

The Twitter marketing company, OrganicSeoRanks, offers comprehensive social media solutions including application development, SEO solutions, pay per click, e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Can You Still Make Good Money From Internet Marketing?

Earn Good Money From Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has a bit of a bad name in some people's minds, because of all of the scam sites telling you how rich you can get if you just buy their secret formula for $9.95.

Most of that stuff is nonsense, or it's based on information going back to a time years ago when there was thousands of times less competition. The truth is this, you are battling with the world for a piece of the global pie, and it's never been harder, but at the same time, it's also never been easier to make at least a small amount of money.

Almost everyone in the world who has a credit card also has an internet connection and apart from those who search in another language almost everyone is using Google, Facebook and You Tube. There are millions of people making websites and blog posts and You Tube videos and all sorts of things competing for the organic search on Google.

There are also millions, or at least hundreds of thousands of business owners using Google Adwords to find their customers. The competition on Google is pretty hard, but if you get how it works, you can still rank your site or make a profit through ads, but you have to do everything right.

 It's the same with the social media sites, you have to know what you're doing and why or you could just be pouring money down the drain.

How Do You Get Started In Internet Marketing? 

When I first started out in internet marketing, I had no money, so I had no money to lose, which I'm fairly glad about. I started off making a dollar a day my first year, just writing articles like this, and I commented on other writer's articles, read what they had to say, and I learned.

I searched for the meanings of words on Google, I found the Warrior Forum, and after a couple of years I knew enough to put together my own site.

I'm really glad I learned about SEO first, because there was a lot to learn, and I wouldn't have found it easy at all and might have made some serious mistakes that permanently damaged the ranking of my site.

I'm now making fifty dollars a day, running my social media marketing services site and other things, managing people's Facebook page and Twitter following and all that.

Based on the trends I see, that's likely to double by next year, or definitely the year after, and I expect to be making hundreds of dollars a day in the next five years.

Generally speaking, that's how it goes. You have to learn a lot, and there is a steep learning curve, but once you understand what you need to do, and you work hard and do it, you will start to see the money come in faster and faster.

You don't want to spend too long learning before you start doing, but not all of what those squeeze pages are selling you is a scam, you need to know some of what they're teaching you, even if they're only teaching you how to do what they do by showing you.

I'm not really into building lists from squeeze pages, I have a list of followers, fans and friends on social media, but I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't be building an email list, or a list of some kind, it's the best way to capture traffic and get a chance to sell something to them over and over again.

There's too much stuff to go into just about that one thing, building a list, and there's tons of other things like all the different ways to get website traffic but the point is that if you stick at it, it will eventually start paying off in a big way, but it might not happen as quickly and easily as some people like to make out.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How To Get More Facebook Page Fans

Get More Facebook Page Fans Quickly

How do you get more fans for your Facebook page, quickly and easily? It's very simple, you just visit and then all you do to to get Facebook fans is pay the money through Pay Pal, and send the URL of the page through the contact form in the sidebar. 

If you have any trouble with the contact form, the email address to send it to is 

That solves how to get the Facebook fans quickly, and now here is an explanation of the what, why, where, and when of the whole process. 

What Can You Expect To Get?

You can expect to get random Facebook fans quickly and easily, to boost the numbers on your page for social proof, and for SEO. 

Because they aren't targeted, it will depend on whether the posts you do to the wall of your page have widespread appeal as to whether there will be a lot of engagement from your fans. 

If you want to buy engagement figures such as likes on a post, likes on a photo, or comments, that is possible as well, if you have a good budget to play with. 

Why Should You Want To Buy Cheap Likes And Social Signals?

Engagement figures and likes not only boost your Edgerank, it can get you a lower cost per click in Facebook Ads, and all the internal linking leading to your page in a huge site like Facebook means that you have a better chance of ranking your Facebook page on Google for a keyword phrase than any other sort of website. 

Likes and links from other relevant pages help your Facebook page to rank in a Google search, and engagement signals can get you a better ranking and cost per click on Facebook. 

Where Do You Go To Buy The Fans?

Well, I have more than one site where I'm selling likes, but there's Professional Social Promotion, Buy Facebook Fans, both of which you can reach by the links on this page. 

I have been this on the former of those two sites for many years, and the second one is just an attempt to beat the competition for the keyword phrase, by getting a close match domain name and focusing on that keyword. 

Most people seem to want Facebook fans, which is why I concentrate on that, but I can in fact get you almost anything you want, even to the point that if you want a (fake) tiger skin rug, I can probably get that for you, if you have enough money. 

I mostly deal in social media marketing services though, and the easiest thing for me to do is get you Facebook page fans, so that's what I prefer to do. 

When Will I Get The Likes? How Long Does It Take?

As a general rule of thumb, it will take about a day for every hundred likes I have to get, although it may be faster than that, or slower with some of the other types of social connections such as Google Plus followers. 

I get the fans from a social swapping site, it's totally reliable, or it always has been in the past, because what it does is allow real people to like each others' pages for points which are good for likes. 

I can do the same thing for Twitter followers, or almost anything you can think of as I said previously in this post. I will now provide a list of authority sources which support the claims I have made in this article. 

Resource Links

This is a link to the Wikipedia page that explains as much as they can about different Facebook features. If you don't know the difference between a poke and a like, or how to start a chat, then this is the place to learn the basics.

This is an article on Social Media Examiner, a high authority site that tells you all about social media marketing. The tips on this page will help any small business owner learn how to use Facebook to successfully market their business. 

This SEOmoz video explains a lot about how to start a Facebook Ads campaign. There is a lot to it, so if you're going to do it, you will want to get a bit of coaching, or do a bit of research on how to run a Facebook advertising campaign properly.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Different Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page

Everybody seems to have a Facebook page these days, or at least anyone who has any sort of business or public persona of any kind has one.

If you are a musician, you need a Facebook page, if you are a florist, you need a Facebook page, or even if you don't need it, it's recommended that you have one.

Why is it so important to have a Facebook page, as opposed to any other sort of website?

The answer is, Facebook is a PR 9 site, and even a page that you make from scratch with not much on it has a good chance of being indexed and ranking well for the phrase in the title.

You actually stand a better chance ranking for almost any keyword phrase with a Facebook page, if you spend as much time building back links to it as you do with a "normal" website.

If you do it properly, and get a lot of cross links happening from other Facebook pages, it's kind of like making a Wikipedia page, it will rank really well.

My approach to Facebook has always been one of SEO, trying to rank the page in a Google search, and a Facebook search, but part of that is getting a lot of likes happening.

Some people say that it doesn't matter how many likes you have, it doesn't affect the ranking of the page on Google or in a Facebook search. They would be wrong, it definitely helps your ranking on Google and in a Facebook search to have more likes, especially if the profiles have a high page rank, because those are do follow high page rank cross links.

The question is, how do you get likes, and high quality, targeted authority likes, and one of the main answers is Facebook Ads, so I will discuss what you should do if you want to use Facebook Ads to get things happening.

Using Facebook Ads To Get Likes

The first thing you should figure out is what is your purpose of getting likes to the page, and who do you want your audience to be?

For the vast majority of people, you won't make an immediate profit on a Facebook Ads campaign.
All you will do is perhaps capture leads, people like the page and you can contact them directly, or just post on the wall and hope they see it in their dashboards.

If you want cheap likes, you can target countries like Malta and Brazil, but remember that many of those people don't speak English, so you're just getting likes for the sake of it, but they might be a lot cheaper and so boost the numbers on the page which is good for SEO and social proof.

My feeling on that is yes you need numbers to look like an established business, and you also need numbers to help with the ranking of the page on Google, and perhaps in a Facebook search but what you want at the end of the day is quality, targeted likes.

For the settings on my latest campaign, I chose people in America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and the UK, and I also targeted those between 23 and 29 who had said they were a small business owner.

I managed to get clicks for about thirty five cents each, less in the sponsored stories, and the likes were a bit more expensive, a bit less than a dollar.
I may decide to run another campaign to focus on getting cheap likes from other countries at the same time, to see if there are opportunities out there in France or Germany, because a lot of those guys speak English too.

Anyway, there really isn't any better way to promote your Facebook page than through Facebook itself, but if you can't afford Facebook Ads, you might try:
  • putting the link to your Facebook page in a sidebar widget on your blog
  • making links to it in your blog posts
  • tweeting about it
  • running a competition
  • making a You Tube video with the link in the description
  • attaching it to your outgoing emails as a signature
  • adding it to your forum signature, if you have a relevant forum to post in.
  • joining groups on Facebook, Linked In, and Google Plus and sharing it.
Hope these tips helped you come up with some great ideas for promoting your Facebook page. Remember, a Facebook page has almost endless potential in terms of traffic and rankings, if you put the time and money into making it work.

If you want some help with your Facebook campaign, send me an email at, I can help you with all aspects of social media marketing and internet marketing generally. 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Is There Such A Thing As A Worthless Or Useless Facebook Like?

Worthless Or Useless Fake Facebook Likes

This topic is being talked about more and more these days as Facebook starts to fight harder and harder against what they view as worthless likes, or likes that are from inactive or fake profiles. 

What many people are just starting to realize now is that a lot of the likes on the pages of their favorite bands for example aren't even real people at all. 

The record company is a notorious example of how celebrities or music groups can and do buy likes in order to appear more popular to record companies, or especially after they're signed so as to appear more popular to concert promoters. 

A concert promoter organizing a big festival will get a bunch of new bands to choose from, and only have a brief listen of the music, a photo of the band, and the band's Facebook page or Twitter profile to determine if that band can put on a good show, and whether they already have a large fan base. 

It's a similar story with someone who claims to be a big deal in the internet marketing industry, or any time you have to look like a big successful person, you can just show the numbers on your Facebook page and that's all the social proof that a lot of people need to see. 

What happened though is that there were tens of thousands of different fan dealers selling these likes, which were mostly just accounts created by software, computer generated accounts, and that meant there were millions of accounts being created on Facebook which weren't real people at all. 

There are still probably more people on Facebook who aren't real, or that couldn't pass a photo ID check than there are real people. 

That's kind of amazing to think that the largest site in the world might not be anywhere near as large as it claims to be, or that the figures would suggest. 

You see, as Facebook's technology for detecting and removing inactive likes from a page grows, so does the software, in making fake profiles look more and more real, in order to counter the attacks against them. 

So, what is happening is that sometimes people who seem as real as you could expect a person to look like are actually not real, and at the same time people who seem to be fake are actually real, it's just they haven't bothered to fill out their profile and post every day. 

It's getting hard to tell who is real, and who isn't, and does it really matter anyway? What is the benefit of having all these likes apart from the social proof of looking like a big shot rock star?

Well, apart from the social proof aspect, it's good to have likes because it helps you appear higher on the search engines. You will do better in a Facebook search, and in a Google search if you have some likes on your page, especially if those people are active and engaged, or appear to be active and engaged. 

You can buy likes through a social swapping site such as You Like Hits or Add Me Fast, and these people tend to be more active than the fake likes, because they are for the most part real random people. 

The Different Types Of Likes You Can Buy

There are three different types of likes you can get:
  • real through Facebook Ads or through targeted promotion
  • random through social swapping sites and through asking random people to like the page
  • fake likes through buying computer generated likes from inactive accounts
Any of these likes that stick will help you for one of the reasons I've layed out already, the social proof benefit, the SEO benefit, or the engagement benefit, of someone seeing your posts in their newsfeeds and clicking on the links, liking the posts or commenting. 
It's probably best to get your likes through Facebook Ads, and the next best thing would be to get likes for ten times cheaper through a social swapping site, and that's if you have a specific reason to just want large numbers. 
If you really don't care about the engagement side of it, you can try to buy fake likes, but be aware that these are the ones that Facebook is trying the hardest to fight against, and if you don't know the right sources to get these type of likes, they may all just disappear, as soon as they get put on the page. 
Why does Facebook even bother trying to fight against inactive likes, when it seems like such an impossible task to try to stop the billion dollar likes industry from flourishing? Well, it's obvious I guess, they want you to buy all your likes from them. 
Does Facebook hold the monopoly on who can like a page? No they don't, anybody can like anything they want, and it's a grey area as to whether selling likes is something that is allowed in different circumstances, but there will always be a market, or a black market if you like for fake and random likes so long as a like has any value, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just extra choice for consumers. 
So what is the value of a like, and are some likes just useless?  I was having this discussion on the Warrior Forum, and what we worked out was that you can either use Facebook Ads to get paid traffic, or you could use various free methods such as SEO to get traffic without ad clicks. 

All likes have value, they just gain or lose value in stages, based on how real and how targeted the people are who are liking your page, and if you can get a good price on the likes compared to how targeted or real they are, then it's probably worth buying no matter whether they are real or not, so long as they do stick to the page.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Best Sites To Submit Internet Marketing Related Guest Posts To

What Are The Best Sites To Submit A Guest Post To?

What are the best sites to submit internet marketing related guest posts to, or is that too broad a question?

You might want to narrow it down to one specific area of internet marketing such as SEO, social media marketing or affiliate marketing.

To start with, I'm writing this post to promote the opportunity for talented writers to write on my sites, which are mostly related to social media marketing.

I have this one which is a basic Blogger blog that I use to link to everything I'm doing, and there is my main site Professional Social Promotion, which has been around for years.

I have a new site that is called Buy Facebook Fans, also about social media or internet marketing generally, and another one called Social Media Blog.

Basically if you want a place to publish your guest posts and articles, I can help you with that, and at the same time also give you some good advice on how to structure your link profile so that it has the most beneficial effect on your rankings.

I'm not specifically an SEO expert, but I have done SEO work for people in the past, and I know what I'm talking about.

If you want to submit a guest post, you can follow that link, or you can just send me an email at to talk about your site and what you propose to write about.

That link will take you to a page which thoroughly lays out all of the guest posting requirements and guidelines, and it also has a contact form which makes it easy to send me a message.

So, I'm not going to go on much longer about it, but if you are writing a post for this site or one of my other sites, I do expect that you will make it over 400 words long at least, as that is one of those things that is necessary these days to show quality to Google.

Original, long, well written without spelling or grammatical mistakes, and most importantly, the post and the site/s it links out to have to be relevant.

I've had to say that each post needs to have at least two authority source links to sites that you aren't affiliated with, but that you are offering as a trusted reliable resource to back up what you're saying.

By that I mean sites like Wikipedia, as that's the usual one that people would give as a source if they can't find a relevant journal or government site. You get the idea, it has to be quality, and meet all the standard requirements.

Now apart from me, you can find a list of sites to submit guest posts to by doing a standard search on Google such as your keyword, and then guest post, or guest post submission guidelines, or just type in your keyword, and try to contact the owners of each and every site in the search.

You could try a site like My Blog Guest, but I'd be looking more for sites which are mostly written by the one person, the web master themselves, as those sites are usually much higher quality.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

10 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Harlem Shake

 The Viral Craze: The Harlem Shake

Guest post by Celina Connor
There is a new dance craze that’s going all over the web. Both grown adults and youngsters are dancing to the same tune and posting their videos on YouTube. Some are more creative and they all don’t feel embarrassed to wear weird costumes and bring on absurd props to get attention. In this article, we will discuss 10 marketing lessons we can learn from this trend.


1. Bring your emotions to the table.

Customers would want to see the human side of businesses. They want to see that even serious businesses can do crazy stuff sometimes, all for the sake of marketing. There are the likes of giant companies such as Pepsi, Google, Maker Studios, Facebook and AOL who uploaded their own versions of the dance. Comments on the video clips were overflowing. This is a way to present liveliness of a company.

2. People want rich culture.

Regardless of your location and even if you are targeting the farthest people in the world, you can be successful in your marketing efforts if you show friendliness and embody their fun and vibrant culture. This somehow creates a relation between you and the leads and customers. Your energy must be felt and this can be done through writing compelling content, posting relatable pictures and videos, and coming up with contests that will make their culture strongly present.

3. Being viral is important.

With that unmistakable beat that lasts for less than a minute, Harlem Shake videos are viewed by many people over and over. The videos are being shared in a lot of social networking sites to friends and the excitement becomes like a snowball—one that becomes viral over a short period of time. Once curiosity is unleashed and you’ve cascaded a message that brings in excitement, marketing can work perfectly.

4. Connect and share experiences.

Creating similar videos and spreading them is like sharing one and the same experience to a crowd with similar interest. When you get to execute a move that is appreciated by a common crowd, your marketing power strengthens as you get the support of people you share experiences and connect to.

5. Timing is important.

If you posted your Harlem Shake video only three weeks after its boom, it might be too late for your success. The chance to fame only happens once when you strike in the best timing. You should never be too late or too early. For instance, in marketing, the best time to market is when you feel people have the most spending power and during holidays. You can advertise all promotions without looking like a scammer and staying irrelevant. Post your content at the right time and stick to this rule.

6. Embrace spontaneity.

Consumers are tired of seeing the same advertorials and promotional messages with clich├ęd sales pitches all the time. Rather than post a traditional poster of a woman or a group of people endorsing your product with a smile, go that extra mile and make custom photos and quality graphics.

7. Be a trendstarter.

Harlem Shake videos did not expect that it would be a big hit. It being different made it tick to the market. The house genre and the song are not new but what became a trend is the way people responded to it and copied the same concept to create their own. You can market your pizza and pasta restaurant doing the same. Instead of using the same old conventional menu and ingredients, why not offer a D-I-Y recipe to your customers?

8. Make the message easy to understand.

People of all ages can relate to the dance and to the video. Even kids can emulate it. There is no barrier to location and language. So the lesson here is to not make a marketing concept any complicated. The simpler it is, the better. More people can respond to it and you will want that interaction from them.

9. Get a team.

If you can’t do it all alone, you can hire and get people to make an outstanding impression and make your market notice you. In Harlem Shake, when one person is doing the act, nobody seemed to notice. But then when everyone joined and danced at the same time, the effect is rippled. Your marketing efforts will not drown when you have a pool of people behind your back for strong support.

10. Keep it short and sweet.

If Harlem Shake extends to 10 minutes, probably it would not be as successful as it is now. People’s attention is precious and you should capture their focus fast. If they do not get impressed by your initial message and visual effect, you have lesser chances of succeeding the next time around. Having a lengthy content may be okay but writing one with significance and uniqueness is better.


While the World Wide Web is now centering its attention on Harlem Shake, you can learn from these lessons and apply them for your business’ marketing. Spread your content like wildfire. Go viral, be known, and grow your brand!

Author Bio:

Celina Conner is an advanced Yoga practitioner, she finished her Business Administration in Martin College Australia as a Cum Laude. She’s also a caring mother to her one and only daughter, Krizia. Celina loves experimenting in the kitchen and preparing unique vegetarian recipes.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Getting Visitors To Your Blog From Social Media

 How To Get More Visitors To Your Site From Social Media Sites

There are many different methods for getting visitors to your blog or articles from social media sites. Most of them are free, and relatively easy to master, and so in this article, I will give you some helpful tips on how to make the best use of social media to promote your blog posts.

My main source of traffic according to my site stats is Facebook, and that may or may not be true, because sometimes Twitter and Google appear as many different referrers on my Counterize traffic stats, or it doesn't show up at all.  Still, Facebook has brought me literally millions of hits of traffic over the years, or at least one million anyway.

The way I first began to try to get visitors to my blog from Facebook was by making friends. I originally tried to get into a group full of article writers, but what ended up happening was that I got into a group of romance novel writers by mistake, and so none of the my friends are really targeted to me at all.

If you get targeted friends that is a good way to make connections because people will get friend requests and random people will add you as a friend simply because you're friends with someone else.

This takes years to get to 5,000 friends, unless you work really hard at promoting yourself.  A better way is to make a page, and the good thing about a page is you can give it a keyword phrase title, which will hopefully allow it to appear in a keyword search on a popular Facebook search, and hopefully on a Google search as well.

Yes you can rank your Facebook page on Google for a big popular keyword phrase, and it's not even that hard to do if you know how and are willing to put in the time.

A Facebook page is the same as a regular website or it's a sub-page of a PR 9 site, the largest site in the world. It's free to make, and all you have to do is treat it with respect, as though it was a really important page, and your main site.  What I mean by that is you have to make back links to it, and you also have to make cross links to it on Facebook.

Due to the way Facebook works, you have do follow links within the site to other pages in the site so cross linking with high page rank relevant links can make your page look like a big important page on Facebook.  You can make cross links just by getting likes, and you can buy Facebook likes really easily if you want to, which will help you along with the cross linking and back links.

That's the SEO approach to Facebook, and the other way is to use Facebook Ads. There isn't really any other way except to make groups and to go and contact people who share your interests, which is a bit like spam.  Twitter is much more simple, or it is if you do it the way I do. I just get tens of thousands of followers through social swapping sites like You Like Hits and tweet to them all day long if I can.

That's all there is to it on Twitter for me, although there are technicalities that you need to know such as not to un-follow more than 300 people in a day, less if you have a new account.  Just by getting tons of random followers and tweeting you will be able to get instant traffic, so long as you can word a tweet so that it appeals to regular people.

Get More Visitors To Your Site

Anyway, I can help you with all of these things I've been talking about on this page. I can get you Twitter followers, Facebook likes, social sharing, teach you how to do SEO in the post-Panda/Penguin environment.

I can help you with making money online, or especially through getting traffic to your site from social media, so get in contact now to ask me for some advice on your site, my email is

Saturday, 16 February 2013

How To Get Millions Of Visitors To Your Site From Facebook

How To Get Millions Of Customers From Facebook

This may sound like I'm making it up, because millions of customers or millions of visitors or views from Facebook to your site sounds like too much to be true. 

It sounds like I'm pulling your leg, but I'm totally being serious, and I'm not talking about Facebook Ads, you can do this for free!

Yeah that's right, millions of views to your site from Facebook for free, millions of hits of traffic that you don't even have to pay for. 

Of course, it won't happen overnight, and it may not reach the million visitor mark for years, but that's the catchy headline, and I have done it, and I'll tell you how I did it. 

First of all, I want you to read this page, which is called why is a like important on Facebook? It will go over a lot of things that I've already covered, such as why likes do help you rank a Facebook page in a Google search, and a Facebook search. 

Now I can get you Facebook likes, or I can get you Twitter followers, and these things are just one of the things you will need in order to carry out the plan to get the millions of targeted customers through Facebook. 

First thing to understand is that my Facebook marketing strategy is based on SEO, and if you don't know what that means, you might as well not bother at all, unless you're happy to learn for a year while you're picking it up. 

If you're interested in getting coaching on how SEO works in the post Panda/Penguin Google algorithm environment, I can help you for the right price, get in touch with me, by clicking on the link at the top of the sidebar, and visiting my main site, or you can email me at 

Ranking Your Facebook Page In The Search Engines

What I'm talking about is ranking a Facebook page on Google through cross linking, back links, and social signals. 

Very simple to understand, and quite simple to beat the Edgerank algorithms, and rank your page at the top of a very popular search on that site, and Google will love it too. 

All you need to do is make a bunch of pages, maybe a dozen of them which all link to each other, or pointing in a cross link pyramid towards the main one. 

You link them by using Facebook as the page you want to make a link from, by pressing edit page and then pressing the use Facebook as this page button. 

That will put a permanent link on that page to the page you liked, and it is a do follow link when it is within Facebook. 

Now, if you can build back links to all of these pages, and fill them up regularly with high quality content, add photos to them, get tons of likes for them, and perhaps do it in combination with a Facebook Ads campaign, or even a paid SEO campaign, then you can rank a Facebook page for any phrase you want on Google. 

I'm not just kidding around, I'm almost on the first page for the search social media marketing services, which is a huge search, with huge competition. 

I was going to add the link to the page here, but the username is Facebook then dot com, and then affordable social media marketing services all one word. I don't want to link to it directly from this blog post because I already linked to it in another post on this blog.

It's annoying the hell out me that I'm so close, but if I keep making high quality pages pointing to it in the right way, then it should rank for the phrase. 

I have of course got a link to it from the home page of my main site Professional Social Promotion. On this page, I have a link to an Info Barrel article which links to a guest post I did on Site Pro News which then links to the home page of my site, which links to the Facebook page. 

Is that complicated enough for you? It's a terrible battle trying to beat out experts for a very high competition keyword phrase, but while trying to do that, I'm also improving the ranking of all of the other sub pages on my site, which link to my new site, which has the title of buy Facebook fans

I didn't want to link out to that one either, I linked to a You Tube video, because of the same reason I mentioned before. What I will say in closing is that your Facebook page is just like a website, but it's potentially better than a website because it's free to build, on the largest highest authority site in the world. 

Again, get in touch with me through clicking on the photo at the top of the sidebar if you want to learn more about how to get millions of hits to your site from Facebook.