Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How To Get More Facebook Fans

Get More Facebook Fans Now!

This is how easy it is to get more Facebook fans for your page, you click on this link to buy Facebook fans, and you will be redirected to a quality site where you just click to pay the money, and get however many likes you want.

Once you have paid the money through the Pay Pal button, all you do is send the link of your Facebook page to the email address on the page.

Simply pay the money for the likes, and send the URL of your page to the seller. It could not be any more simple, could it?

You can get (at the moment) 250 likes for ten dollars, 1,000 likes for $35, or 3,000 likes for $100. All likes are real users with active accounts.

The likes come from a social swapping site with tens of thousands of members, where people like pages and follow people or view their videos to earn points, which are good for the same in return.

There are many different services available, and you can get in contact through that site to ask about getting almost anything you could possibly want to buy.

If you want to get Facebook fans, or Twitter followers, or Google Plus followers, or Pinterest followers, or You Tube views, Instagram followers, tweets, shares, high quality articles written, SEO services, pretty much anything you want, you can get it through that link.

This site is a fairly new site, but the owner has been in the internet marketing line of business for over five years, and has a lot of experience and knowledge to share, apart from just likes.

It's actually me who is the owner, but I'm trying to make this link from my blog look as though it was written by someone else, for the purposes of making a good back link.

Anyway, that's how you get thousands of Facebook fans, quickly and easily, for a very affordable price. Get in contact with me if you want anything else done, any sort of services, products, expertise, or anything you can think of, and I can do it.

I also have a similar web page selling Facebook page likes on my main site Professional Social Promotion, but I think that this other site will be more tailored to the specific keyword phrase that I'm trying to rank for, as on the other site, I have multiple pages, all selling different things.

So, I've decided to link from my site, to the new site, rather than the other way around, because I prefer the way it looks, and I think it will have a better chance of ranking for the keyword phrases I'm targeting, which are buy facebook fans, and buy facebook likes.

That's about all I had to say on the subject, it's really quite simple, if you want to buy Facebook likes, visit the site I linked to at the top of this page, and I will get them for you.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Business Social Media

Social media and business are two words which have different meanings, but they are most definitely connected, because when doing online marketing, you cannot escape learning how to use the largest, most visited sites in the world.

Even if you're focusing on SEO, social media shares and links from social media pages are a vital thing to have if you want to build a natural looking link profile.

Think about it, if people were actually linking to you because they liked your site, and wanted to share it with their friends, wouldn't there be just as many tweets of your site as there would be home page back links?

This is where a lot of people screw up when doing SEO on their sites, they forget that Google has changed their algorithms over and over again to try to punish spam and link building for the sake of link building by structuring their search engine to find the sites that are actually popular.

Most people have a Facebook or Twitter profile these days, and most people don't have a blog or website, so if you are actually popular among the general population, what you would expect to see is a larger amount of social shares than links being built from articles and blogs.

Right now, I'm doing SEO on my site from this blog post, by linking to an article I just wrote, which links back to my site. The article I wrote was social media business marketing techniques.

I only linked from the first part of the title, as I'm actually trying to rank it for social media business if possible, and it may do so, because I plan on building more back links to it as part of the link pyramid that ultimately leads to my site.

Now, apart from building a link pyramid of high quality, original, 400 word articles, I'm also getting people to share my site on their Facebook wall, and getting random people to tweet it.

These social links add to the authority of the do follow article and blog links that I've built, and instantly increase rankings.

Does Social Media Sharing Increase Rankings?

I can prove that by showing you, but it's what I did on my first SEO campaign which ranked a site selling skin whitening products second on the first page for that phrase, which has 2,400 exact match searches a month, and is a buyer keyword.

I did that in six months, for only $150 a month, as I couldn't charge the regular price of about double that, until I was sure that I actually knew what I was talking about, and could provide results in this post Panda SEO environment.

Anyway, I'm going to do one of the things I often do when writing blog posts like these, and link out to an additional site or two with high authority, related to the subject I'm talking about, which is social media marketing

Why did I just link out to a Wikipedia page that has nothing for sale on it, and no links to my site? Because it's a huge authority page, and nobody is ever going to beat that site for that search, so why not keep it up the top of a search on social media marketing, so that maybe people try a different search like mine, which is now social marketing services, and get me.

Click on that last link if you want to get in touch with me about my SEO and social media marketing services, as I do know what I'm talking about, and can help you with anything you want, or need to do. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Marketing With Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook are huge, there's no denying that it's where most people spend most of their time online.

That's why it's important that every business owner has a social media marketing strategy, regardless of how targeted the niche you're in is.

Social media is most effective when a product or page has a viral appeal, or it appeals to people so much, and is so entertaining, that they share it with all of their friends, and it takes on a life of it's own through word of mouth.

Take You Tube videos for example, a video will be so funny or interesting that person A decides to post the link to the video on his Facebook home page, and also give a tweet to his thousands of followers.

Persons B and C see this tweet and/or post, and they click on it, watch the video, and one decides that it's good enough to share with their friends by tweeting and sharing.

It's not often this kind of chain reaction happens, and it takes a really amazing video for it to go viral in this way, but it does happen.

Some You Tube videos can get millions of views in less than a week, simply because people love it so much, they have to share it with all their friends, and be the first one to share it.

I do make You Tube videos for people among other things, but that's not really the main thing I do.

How I Can Help You With Social Media Marketing

This blog post on Blogger is not my regular site, I usually write and work on a site called Professional Social Promotion, which I'm sure you can get to by following the banner link at the top of the sidebar, or by following a link chain through to the end. 

For example, I just wrote an article on Info Barrel called The Difference Between Real And Fake Facebook Likes, and I wanted to write this article to help promote it, and to help to rank it higher on Google, which then in turn helps my most popular payment page rank for "buy Facebook page likes".

I probably shouldn't be saying what I'm doing in such an open and honest way, but that's the way I like to do things. 

If I am going to make pages as back links for other pages which are themselves links made for SEO purposes, then I might as well tell you that that's what I'm doing, but still put in enough decent information to make the article worth reading. 

You see, I have over four years of experience working every day on building traffic, ranking my articles and blog posts, and finally starting to make some good money at it. 

Getting back to the subject of this blog post, you can get quite good results with social media if you either use social media in combination with SEO, such as by choosing titles for your social pages with good exact match search volume and low competition, and also by simply buying tons of random likes and followers in bulk, so long as the source is reputable, and the likes aren't completely fake. 

As I explained in the article I linked to above, it is better to get targeted likes, but not exactly possible to do without a huge budget, so for me, it can be as simple as buying enough points on Twiends to get tens of thousands of random followers, and then you tweet messages that you think will make random people click on your link, and they do click on your link. 

Believe me, it does work, and tweeting gets me hundreds of unique views a day, so long as I can keep the people interested in what I'm saying, and I do that by trying to offer valuable information.

For more details on how I can help you market your site or business through social media, send me an email at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com or click on the banner ad at the top of the sidebar to visit my main site. Thank you very much for reading.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What Is A Fake Like On Facebook?

What exactly is a fake Facebook like, and is it worth anything to have any of these? Why do people sell fake likes, and why are other people so interested in buying them?

There is a certain relationship between likes on your Facebook page, and perceived popularity. Not just to customers or visitors who come to your page, but to Facebook, and Google, and it can dramatically alter your ranking in search results.

Some people can't believe that it could be so easy to manipulate search engines in this day and age, but if done in a skillful way, it can be just that easy.

Facebook has made attempts to fight people buying fake likes, and get them dropped off the page, but if they are actually real accounts, or accounts which look real according to the standards they set, (they have friends, post every day), then the likes stick, and the rankings stick.

Google has no other real factor more relevant than the cross links or amount of likes a Facebook page has, as to whether it is important enough to show in their search results.

They of course care about other things as well, such as the back links leading to it from outside of Facebook, and the authority and relevance of those links, and the links leading to those pages, but really, if you have a lot of likes, they have to put you up there, or some famous musician might not have their Facebook page rank on Google, which would be annoying to fans.

There is a sort of loop hole in the way Google works through Facebook, which is that it's easier than any other method to rank on a popular Google search, by getting lots of fake or random likes, as well as using traditional quality back linking techniques.

The Difference Between Fake And Real Facebook Likes

I recently wrote a post on my site called how to get fake likes on Facebook, which explains fairly well the difference between fake likes, random likes, and targeted likes, which you can only get through Facebook Ads, and direct promotion to your customers or readers. 

I generally try to sell random likes, which are real people with real Facebook accounts, who are liking your page in exchange for a like on their own. 

The difference between that and a fake like, is that the fake likes are made using computer generated accounts, which have nobody looking at the home page, ever. 

It's a completely fake, machine or robot like, whereas what I try to do normally is get likes from social swapping site. 

The site I use is the largest social swapping site, and it's really the only one that works in large volumes for this thing. 

Again, there are three benefits to having likes on your page. One is the engagement, people clicking on your links that you post from their news feeds. 

Another is the social proof aspect, such as somebody seeing your page for the first time and thinking, wow, this guy must know what he's talking about to have so many likes. 

The other thing is the SEO factor, which means that it plays a direct role in ranking you higher on Google and in a Facebook search, provided that the title of your page is something that people search for. 

If you want to get likes, you can send me an email at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com or visit the site by clicking on the photo at the top of the sidebar. Here's one more link, to a Knoji article I wrote years ago, called are Facebook page likes important in SEO?