Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What Is A Fake Like On Facebook?

What exactly is a fake Facebook like, and is it worth anything to have any of these? Why do people sell fake likes, and why are other people so interested in buying them?

There is a certain relationship between likes on your Facebook page, and perceived popularity. Not just to customers or visitors who come to your page, but to Facebook, and Google, and it can dramatically alter your ranking in search results.

Some people can't believe that it could be so easy to manipulate search engines in this day and age, but if done in a skillful way, it can be just that easy.

Facebook has made attempts to fight people buying fake likes, and get them dropped off the page, but if they are actually real accounts, or accounts which look real according to the standards they set, (they have friends, post every day), then the likes stick, and the rankings stick.

Google has no other real factor more relevant than the cross links or amount of likes a Facebook page has, as to whether it is important enough to show in their search results.

They of course care about other things as well, such as the back links leading to it from outside of Facebook, and the authority and relevance of those links, and the links leading to those pages, but really, if you have a lot of likes, they have to put you up there, or some famous musician might not have their Facebook page rank on Google, which would be annoying to fans.

There is a sort of loop hole in the way Google works through Facebook, which is that it's easier than any other method to rank on a popular Google search, by getting lots of fake or random likes, as well as using traditional quality back linking techniques.

The Difference Between Fake And Real Facebook Likes

I recently wrote a post on my site called how to get fake likes on Facebook, which explains fairly well the difference between fake likes, random likes, and targeted likes, which you can only get through Facebook Ads, and direct promotion to your customers or readers. 

I generally try to sell random likes, which are real people with real Facebook accounts, who are liking your page in exchange for a like on their own. 

The difference between that and a fake like, is that the fake likes are made using computer generated accounts, which have nobody looking at the home page, ever. 

It's a completely fake, machine or robot like, whereas what I try to do normally is get likes from social swapping site. 

The site I use is the largest social swapping site, and it's really the only one that works in large volumes for this thing. 

Again, there are three benefits to having likes on your page. One is the engagement, people clicking on your links that you post from their news feeds. 

Another is the social proof aspect, such as somebody seeing your page for the first time and thinking, wow, this guy must know what he's talking about to have so many likes. 

The other thing is the SEO factor, which means that it plays a direct role in ranking you higher on Google and in a Facebook search, provided that the title of your page is something that people search for. 

If you want to get likes, you can send me an email at or visit the site by clicking on the photo at the top of the sidebar. Here's one more link, to a Knoji article I wrote years ago, called are Facebook page likes important in SEO?


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