Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Unique Article Wizard Review

Guest post by Larry
Since 2006, unique Article Wizard has been granting its services to the internet marketing and it has been the 7th year it is still around us. Before you learn the unique article wizard review, it's good to understand what it really is. It is actually an article submission service, as its initials word, its unique in sense of ways of article submission and this is the feature which distinguishes this article wizard.

The first unique feature of this Wizard is the submission of single article with three versions. Each version has be little different with different words, but same number of paragraphs. Resources box is also necessary for all three versions and in each version. You have to come up with anchor text links. This job can be done before the articles submission, and then the resource box will automatically be selected at the time of submission. 

Another important feature of this astounding Wizard is the approval process by the users, this has made the Wizard superior over others. This piece of work enables the server to maintain the quality of the work by knowing the consent and interest of the users.

When users face difficulty in user interface, they usually don't bother to proceed and look for the alternatives, but this Wizard has relatively easier user interface that may seem tough at first take, but the 4 different ways of submission will enable the process to be easy. 

You can even be overwhelmed with video tutorials that will guide you with step to step procedures, videos may help you do work quickly. Another mesmerizing feature is its controlled submission', you cannot submit as much directories as writers want, but only 25 directories can be submitted a day. This helps the choice to be précised and preserve the rate of submission.

Scheduled submission also distinguishes this wizard because you can decide the date of article submission once and get support to your link building campaign. It involves the simple procedure of submitting 3 to 5 articles every day and then keeping the rate of backlinks consistent. 

Therefore, scheduled submission is another benefit that works for a long period of time. Relevancy is also one of its benefits that compel the users to make the choice from 3 unique categories that are enlisted and must be ranked in accordance to relevancy. 

And who doesn't know that the today's world of internet marketing is working more of relevancy than quantity. The lengthy and dragged paragraphs do not matter anymore, neither does the rare and hard words, but the relevant directories, titles and content matter the most.

And of course, how can the biggest feature be neglected while writing unique article wizard review? It is the Huge Network that incorporates blogs and article directories that are entitled in a number of different categories. The huge network may bring the huge distribution of articles also to your mind, but this is surely a misconception. 

The large network of mean the wide distribution, because every article has selected distribution with limited submissions from each article.
Therefore, it would not be wrong to consider this Wizard as one of the best distributors of articles to the maximum number of blogs along with the best back linking qualities. 

It provides the best opportunity to one and it could be of great help for one if he desires for quality content!
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