Monday, 20 May 2013

Twitter Features And Functions

Guest post by Emma Morgain

‘To simply bring people closer to their interests’, the core value of Twitter goes like this.

Twitter, a social media network that lets you share short messages called ‘tweets’. The medium displays users’ tweets to only his/ her followers. Twitter is another milestone in the social networking domain and is still evolving with various options for its users.

So what’s in Twitter?

The network works like this- you create a profile and choose whom you would want to follow. All the tweets of people you follow appear as a shuffled list on your main Twitter page. Unless you set the changes, your profile is visible to public by default.

What makes Twitter unique is its verified celebrities’ accounts feature. In order to ensure that users are following the authentic Twitter accounts of famous personalities, it launched a verification procedure. It’s mostly the celebrities that get Twitter likes in large numbers and hence the verification system.

Just like Twitter’s trademark bird logo, some of signs associated with Twitter and commonly used in tweets include- # symbol which is used before the tweets meaning that the conversation is about a particular theme; @ symbol is used usually for replying to a tweet and is followed by the username. There’s a ‘retweet’ option which is quite popular among businesses especially when new a product is announced.

Twitter also lets its users tweet via external applications through smartphones, tablets etc. Several smartphones and OS- Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Nokia support Twitter. Taking it a next level, Twitter allows users to tweet from the phone via SMS and MMS.

Its huge popularity and reach led Twitter attain over 200 million active users. Twitter is now one of the most visited websites globally. When it comes to users by age group, the network is largely used by adults than teens, according to a statistics. However, Twitter is appealing to worldwide users and is increasingly gaining popularity in all segments.

Businesses have found Twitter to be an effective means of communication with their customers. The network connects businesses with their customers anytime, anywhere. The real-time information about products/ services allows more customer engagement besides indicating market insights and customer feedback.

Advertising On Twitter

That’s not the end, Twitter has more to offer for businesses- brand marketing in the form of ‘promoted tweets’, which is a paid advertisement, CRM, sales etc.

A world-renowned automobile firm boosted its upcoming sports car through ‘Promoted Tweets’ and ‘Promoted Trends’. As a result, the company reached a whopping 87% engagement rate, 594% up in daily followers and 300% increase in positive brand sentiment.

Twitter has extraordinary reach and marketing here is much easier even if you’re a small business. Twitter supports businesses regardless of its size. For small businesses, it has an exclusive guide that offers a range of strategies, tips and tricks to fetch what the business aims for.

It all starts from the basics and then moves on to building and engaging your followers. Along with its tools for successful marketing, Twitter also extends its offering to a next level- Twitter Ads.

The Twitter marketing company, OrganicSeoRanks, offers comprehensive social media solutions including application development, SEO solutions, pay per click, e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

About the Author:

Emma Morgain is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles for social media, Twitter marketing services, e-marketing, e-commerce and IT based services.

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