Saturday, 3 August 2013

How To Get Traffic To Your Social Media Pages

 Get Traffic To Your Social Media Pages

Many people come to me with a Facebook page for their business, and they don't have a clue how to get visitors to it, or what they're supposed to do at all. 

Often people aren't even aware that Facebook Ads is the way that Facebook suggest you get traffic and likes, or they've tried it and found it prohibitively expensive. 

Still, if you know what you're doing, it can be a good idea to run a Facebook Ads campaign, even if it doesn't make a profit at first. 

The reason is, you pick up targeted likes, fans which can be engaged over and over again from these people's news feeds, so long as you post engaging, entertaining content. 

There isn't much point if you don't have anything interesting to say, but there is another reason why you should want to get tons of likes. 

Likes are social signals, the number one factor that Google looks at to determine which Facebook pages are the most important, and which have celebrity status

Every major public figure or public company has a page, and Google has determined that the public wants to be able to find them easily, so they can follow their favorite TV show or rock star and even have a conversation with them. 

You can send a message to almost anyone, or tweet to someone, even if you've never met them before in your life, and they live on the other side of the world. 

Sometimes people abuse this power and use if for evil instead of good. For example, some reality TV stars have had to take down their public Facebook and Twitter accounts due to receiving hundreds of thousands of hate letters electronically. 

Small Business Owners On Facebook

If you own a small business, one that doesn't have a title that people are searching for, you might be better off not to give your page the title of your business, but instead to do some keyword research and find a title that has a good amount of exact match search volume on the Google keyword tool. 

As I explain in this guest post on how to get traffic to your Facebook page, for me, the first step is finding a phrase you can compete for, and ranking your page first on the first page of the results. 

It's not at all easy, but you might find that all it takes is to make a high quality page, get lots of likes for it, and then make a few links from authority sites like Ezine and HubPages. 

Getting the likes at a decent price is the hard bit, and you may need my help to do that. I can get you cheap random likes from real people from a large popular social swapping site for about five cents each, as well as anything else like that. Twitter followers, You Tube views, Google Plus followers, etc. 

I can also manage a Facebook Ads campaign for you if you have a larger budget and want to get the best value for money for targeted likes. 

By choosing the right title for your page, running a campaign for random or targeted likes, building a few quality links and updating the page every day with relevant, engaging content, you may discover that Facebook is the number one source of traffic to your site. 

I also get a lot of visitors from tweeting, as internet marketing related posts are perfectly targeted to the random followers I get from around the world. 

I have about thirty thousand followers on my largest Twitter account, and I have more than one. When I tweet a message with a link, it always gets a couple of clicks, so long as the subject matter is of interest to the general public. 

So, if you need likes, followers, views, shares, help with making content, SEO advice, internet marketing coaching etc, I have five years of experience to share, and I'm sure I can help you with whatever you're doing. 

Send me a message at or click on the photo link at the top of the sidebar, which will take you to my site, where you can read a lot more helpful articles before getting in touch.