Friday, 27 September 2013

Different Ways To Make A Custom Facebook Tab Or Welcome Page


How To Make A Basic Facebook Welcome Page

This article below was originally published on HubPages, but due to the new rules, it was no longer accepted, so I'm publishing it here. I design Facebook pages for people, and I'm really good at it.

I do a great working page that attracts targeted traffic and turns them into customers with fan gates so that people have to like or share your page to get a discount coupon, video, Pay Pal buttons, redirect tabs, contact forms, or whatever you need.

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Here are some different ways to make a Facebook welcome page. It's not that hard to do, but it's better if you have some understanding of how to write HTML, or source code. I'll start with the really easy options, like making a "free" welcome page on an online page building tool.

There are some good ones like Pagemodo, Wix, or Reverb Nation for music, but the problem with them is, you have very limited options unless you upgrade to the premium plan. This costs a lot of money per month to remove ads, to have the ability to make more than one page, and to get some of the premium templates that include video and HTML.

It's a lot better to design your own page, and put it on a tab using HTML. It's not all that hard to do this if you understand how to write some simple source code. For example, you can put a You Tube video on your page by getting the embed code, and putting it on a simple app like Static HTML: iFrame Tabs.

 This allows you to write out whatever HTML elements you want on the page, and then it appears for everyone to see. If you want to put a photo on your page, you can make one in Photoshop, upload it to your server, and then get the photo URL. You have to use a special code to put the photo on your welcome page, which starts with<img src="yourphotourl">.

I'm not going to go into complicated HTML code language. I offer the service of putting together a Facebook welcome page, so I can do it all for you for as little as fifty dollars. You can go even further, and create multiple custom tabs, using the Developers section of Facebook to create apps.

This requires uploading the HTML file to your server, and making a public web page that has a URL. You can then give this as the canvas URL for your app, but you have to have an SSL certificate on your server, so you can provide them with a safe https address as well as the normal one. It's hard enough just to work that out, but then you need to know how to find the add to page dialogue, so you can add the app to your page.

There's a lot to making a good Facebook welcome page. You can even have a mini-site on Facebook where people can navigate through different pages without leaving the iFrame. If you would like to find out more about my services for designing a Facebook welcome page, send me a message at