Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How To Use Social Media Pages For SEO



 Social Media Page SEO

There are two ways (or more) that you can look at the connection between social media and SEO. First, you can get better rankings for your website by making links and getting shares on social media sites.

Secondly, you can rank your social media pages on Google, by choosing keyword phrase titles, and building links to them from your site, and other sites.

Which is better, or do you have to do both things to compete for your keywords effectively? The answer is probably that you have to do both, as it's a lot easier to rank a social media page on Google, due to the huge authority of sites like Facebook, but there's other benefits to having your own site do well.

For example, I'm trying to rank this blog higher on Google, because you can't write multiple blog posts on your Facebook page, you can only link to them by posting.

However, the reason why I'm writing this blog post is to make links to my social media pages, which are ranking higher than ever on Google.

I'm trying to rank one of my Facebook pages for the keyword phrase: "social media marketing services".

It's been going up and down, but it's somewhere on the third, fourth, or fifth page of that search, and I can explain what I did to get it there, if you're interested.

How To Do SEO For Social Media Page

The page I'm talking about actually has the title of Affordable Social Media Marketing Services, and it is ranking first on the first page of Google for that search, if you're looking for it. 

I made a link to that page from the home page of my main site, Professional Social Promotion. The page also links back to my site as well, but seeing as links from Facebook are no follow, the link from my site to the page has a lot more SEO benefit. 

I also made links from this blog, from another blog hosted on, from another Wordpress site hosted on Go Daddy, and from a number of different articles. 

I wrote articles on Ezine, and other high authority article writing sites, and then I made links from articles to other articles that linked to the page. 

I made a lot of back links to the home page of my site, and did other things to build the page rank of the pages I had linking to the Facebook page, to form a solid link pyramid, like using social bookmarking sites like Linked In. 

The back links were built in the usual way, but what's more important is how I built internal links within Facebook to my page. 

For example, I made a link above to a new Facebook page I just made called Social Media SEO. I made that one, and a bunch of other related pages so I could link them to each other, by liking one while using Facebook as the other page.

This isn't the only way I built internal links inside Facebook, I also got random likes through social swapping sites, and targeted likes through Facebook Ads. 

I sometimes comment on other related pages to do with social media marketing and internet marketing, while using Facebook as my page, or by using the @ symbol to leave a link to my page in the text of my comment. 

I could go on, but that pretty much explains how I do SEO for my social media pages, at least on Facebook. It takes a lot of work, and persistence, and if you need some help with doing that, I provide all the things I've mentioned here as a service on my site. 

Send me a message at to talk about how I can help you get a solid social media marketing campaign happening, however you want to do it, or visit the links on this page.

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