Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How Website Development Can Ensure Competitiveness Among Internet Based Businesses

How To Get Online With Your Own Website

The popularity of the Internet has created such a big paradigm shift in the business world. A lot of budding enterprises these days start out online because set-up is easier and surely much cheaper. Those gifted with technical skills can utilize the different available provisions (many of which are free) online and increase their chances of success as an Internet-based business, but the Internet as a market is definitely not only for them.

Even those who are minimally tech-savvy will find that compared to a traditional business, setting up a digitally based one is still less complicated and much easier to get down – they can learn along the way and not have to worry so much about the cost of certain mistakes. It’s important to mention as well that there’s a big support group available online should they need help with some things.

 Can You Do It All Yourself?

However, no matter how easy it is to set up a website, there are techniques or tactics that can better secure a business’s advantage (even in such a competitive market) that only the experts completely understand and know how to properly implement. The DIY route is good but to increase potential for success, it’s worth investing in the services of professionals to create a solid foundation for the digital business, especially in an advanced and competitive business environment.

Website development demonstrates how vital it used to be on top of the game — good is rarely good enough. This is why web design companies hired by newbie business owners are always on the lookout for up and coming technologies – being one step ahead is the trend. When it comes to the importance of being updated with technologies, this is mainly determined by the fact that Internet-connecting gadgets keep on evolving.

Creating a responsive website that displays properly on most if not all popularly used Internet devices is a definite must since they’re the choice of people who are constantly online. A web design company makes sure to use the right program so the site is easily accessible.

Mobile Compatibility

However, responsiveness is not the only aspect of technology that these companies direct attention to; they also take into account popular app provisions made available through the website that can streamline or elevate the process for the business in terms of marketing and completing sales.

Take, for example, convenience stores in Taiwan; through their website, their customers can download apps that allow them to shop at a “picture store” installed in train stations in the city.

With the app, customers can complete their shopping and have their purchases at their doorstep when they get home simply by scanning the pictures using the app.

Payment, delivery information, time of completed transaction and scheduled arrival of orders are all taken care of by the app. Providing convenience is one of the keys to their success.

Market Research

In addition to these, web development is also about conducting extensive research on traditional strategies to assess which would work optimally well for the specific goals they are supposed to address.

They conduct split tests and even surveys to make sure that basic marketing efforts such as having the right placement of calls to action, catch phrases and other messages to get target audience to engage are carefully integrated to increase the efficacy of the website.

All these efforts are required for the success of an online-based enterprise; therefore, don’t think twice about having the experts help – you can be successful doing things on your own, but with experts doing the job for you, success will be bigger and will come faster.


There are many different ways to reach your potential customers online, you can use paid advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization or email marketing, but most people would agree that you need to have a website that converts traffic into customers as the final destination.

If you don't know much about SEO, (and most website owners don't), it's something you have to learn about if you want to get on Google, and the same for the other ways of getting traffic. If there are no people visiting your website, then there's not really any point in having one. 

For more reading, take a look at this article on how to make search engine friendly content after the recent Google updates, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Also, take a look at the website below, which offers web services.

About The Author

Jessica Sommers is a writer working with riseoncommunications.com, an internet marketing company based in Dubai, who offers web design services, content production, and SEO.


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