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This blog is a place for me to talk about what I'm doing online, and to perhaps draw some attention to my other sites. The main other site is Professional Social Promotion, and that's where you can get in contact with me. 

What I mainly do is social media marketing, or general internet marketing sort of things. Like I make You Tube videos for people, or help them get likes, followers, views, etc, and all in a cheap sort of way. 

I've been working online for four years, and I have never had a full time job to support me that whole time, so I've learned how to make money for free, or really cheap by getting views to my articles and blog posts. 

Basically what I offer is sharing what worked for me after four years of experience, which is affordable things that work well. 

I know a fair bit about SEO, but I couldn't claim to be an SEO expert with a straight face, so I call myself a social media marketing manager, and that's what I do. 

If you want to talk to me about anything, ask me for some free advice, or talk about ways to get more traffic to your site for cheap, send me a message at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com or click on the photo at the top of the sidebar.

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